Roma mobile

Roma mobile for developers

Public API

Roma mobile data and services (including the real-time journey planner) can be accessed through a public API (documented in Italian).

Any developer can request a free API key. A free API key grants 1000 daily ticks. Ticks can be used to call API methods, which consume as follows:

Ticks are reset to the maximum value every day at 00:00, Central European Time.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any request. We can develop custom methods for specific needs.

Source code and community

The core of Roma mobile is open source. You are welcome to fork our source code, propose patches, submit bugs and feature requests, and become part of our community by visiting our Bitbucket repository.

Licensing information

Data provided through our API is licensed under the terms and conditions of the CC BY 3.0 IT license. The source of our data is the open data service of the mobility agency of Rome.

The source code of Roma mobile is licensed under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Pubic License, version 2.

Did you know?

Download Brave, a fast and light browser which blocks ads and trackers, enhancing your privacy. Brave is an open source fork of the Chromium browser: pages will appear as in Google Chrome, except ads.

Bus position data is an open data from Muoversi a Roma (, a real-time traffic information system from Roma servizi per la mobilità, transport autority of Rome. License: CC BY 3.0 IT.

Roma mobile is not a provided by Atac, Roma TPL, Trenitalia or Roma servizi per la mobilità.